"The Park" at JJ Twigs

We have been eagerly awaiting the reopening of “The Park.” We are excited at the opportunity and anticipation to once again see all your friendly and smiling faces. Some of us will be smiling with our eyes since a mask will cover most of our face.  We want to make sure your dining experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.  Below you will find procedure for our Outdoor Dining. Along with this procedure, we will be following the CDC guidelines to keep our patrons and staff safe and healthy. 


We ask that you wear a mask when you first enter and while walking amongst others to retrieve your food or going to the restroom. Once seated at your table feel free to take your mask off. It would be pretty difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy your meal with a mask on. 

You can place food and drink orders at our bar.  There will be a plexiglass divider in our bar area that will allow you to safely order from our bartender.  We will call your name once your food is ready to be picked up, along with the location it can be picked up at. We will have designated areas to pick up orders. If you’d like to add more drinks or other menu items to your order please visit the bartender. Let the bartender know your name and the table number you are seated at. He or She can add to your original order.


As previously mentioned we look forward to serving you and we hope that you enjoy your dining experience here at JJ Twigs. Please be patient as we all learn how to safely maneuver through these new guidelines. Remember our employees did not create the new rules.