Schedule for closing driver

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Closing Driver is responsible for organizing pizza bags.

When possible please make sure to stack bags neatly when returning from a deliver.  The sandwich bags should go under the second warmer where the pickups are kept. Do no throw and mix up the bags.

What do we need from our drivers?


Still required for all driver is to bring us a copy of your current Motor Vehicle Record.


Due to COVID-19 we are still requiring our driver's and employees to wear masks.  When you are delivering make sure to wear a mask.

Requirements for drivers:

The following must be provided proof of:

  • A vailid driver's license

  • Proof of current valid and collectible personal auto insurance.

  • Current Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for each and every driver.  We need a to receive this annually and you must meet the following standards inorder to drive for us.

    • No more than 2 minor moving violations in the last 3 years.

    • No major moving violations in the past 3 years.  Major moving violations include but are not limited to:

      • Leaving the scene of an accident

      • Reckless driving

      • Any alcohol or drug related violation

      • Hit and run

      • Vehicular homicide or assault

      • Participation in an unlawful speed contest (racing, exhibition driving);

      • Eluding or attempting to elude a police officer.​​


What to do in the case of an accident?​

  • Seek medical attention if needed

  • Report the accident as quickly as possible to law enforcement

  • Report the accident as quickly as possbile to you personal auto insurance carrier

  • Report the accident and provide copy of accident report to your Supervisor

  • Employer should report the accident to Illinois Casualty Company as quickly as possible.

Driver Expecations:

Wear you mask at all times

Wash your hands often

Put your delivery sign on you car.  Make sure to put the sign on each shift so customers can see that we have delivery available and it promotes more business.

Read tickets for delivery instructions.  The delivery instructions are there for a reason and they often tell you where to go or helpful tips on how to find the house.  It is vital you read these instructions so that we do not get angry customers because a driver did not read to not knock on the door and woke up there baby or other various scenerios that have happened.


Do not stand in the kitchen. Avoid waiting in the kitchen for delivieries.  Get used to checking the times on the screen and learning how long it will take for a order to be up.  If it is sandwiches it should take at most 15 to 20 minutes if busy.  If pizzas it should take 20 minutes or 25-30 if busy.  Instead of checking for orders every 5 minutes and being in the way of the cooks, look at the screen to see how long an order has been and then go look for the order if you think it should be ready based on the times listed above.