COVID-19 Updates

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It is an unfortunate and scary time in our community and around the world right now.  Many, if not most are struggling due to the economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic has made. The hospitality industry has been crippled fiercely as States close down the Bars and Restaurants to nothing more than carryout or delivery service. The Servers and Bartenders, that work mainly for tips, look forward to servicing their customers and depend on patrons gathering together to have a good time. It is unfortunate at this time we are not able to employ all our valuable service staff and therefore are looking for your support. If you would like to assist our beloved and amazing staff here at JJ Twigs Wauconda, please “tip” the staff through this online “Tip Jar.” We will distribute any and all donations evenly between our JJ Twigs Team who have been unable to work. 

We will all get through this. In the meantime any help or support we receive is greatly appreciated!

God Bless and stay safe!!!

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